Inca has many decades of experience in the field of aluminium processing for the production of articles of the highest quality and technical content for the cosmetic industry. It has always believed that aluminium is the material par excellence that captures the essence of luxury and it is 100% recyclable.


Thanks to an appropriate design and to its tailoring experience in shaping metal, INCA uses modern cutting technologies to achieve ambitiously shaped components, embellished with high precision embossing; it also has the necessary equipment to carry out a wide variety of aesthetic finishing to give the object the appearance requested by the customer.  


The company is integrated with a wide range of decoration technologies that allow it to customize the packaging: stamping, reliefs, screen printing, pad printing, heat decoration and sublimation.


Always a careful interpreter of market trends, in recent years INCA has invested in assembling and gluing technologies for the combination of GLASS and ALUMINIUM. In fact, the Italian company includes among its competences the opportunity to stick metal plates on glass bottles, a growing demand in the perfume market that wishes to enrich the perfume container and make it more valuable.